3 Week Diet Reviews

admin-ajaxHi! My name Lacey and I’m writing this 3 week diet review because when I started looking at a 3 week diet plan to lose 20 pounds, I wanted to lose it safely and with a proven plan.

However, I had a hard time deciding which diet to start. I didn’t want to start a diet and then realize that it wasn’t working as promised.

I looked online, searched forums, asked friends, checked FB and thousands of diet reviews.

I wanted a system that would guarantee a 3 week weight loss of 20 pounds if I followed the plan or I would receive a full refund! I finally went ahead and purchased the 3 Week Diet and started reading the guides!

By the way…the official 3 Week Diet Website is located at www.3weekdiet.com. Check it out first if you want and then come back and read my experience.


But before I tell you how I used the 3 week Diet, I want to confess something! I never believed in any sort of 3 week weight loss plan that promised quick result. And who can blame me, right? I have read many books and blogs where major weight loss secrets are explained and I learned that you just cannot follow a cookie-cutter formula. For an effective weight loss, you need a diet tailored according to your body. And this is the reason why my curiosity for the diet grew.

So, to quench my thirst, I began my research about this diet plan, or rather this diet program created by Brian Flatt. Besides the fact that this diet is customizable according to my body; there were two more things that attracted me and I am sure it will interest you too.

First of all, the iron clad 60 day money back guarantee! I was stunned to find this out as the program claims to help you lose 12-23 pound in only 21 days. So, I was thinking then this cannot be a scam as it looks like Mr. Flatt is pretty confident about this plan of his. And of course, I also thought that if it did not work I can at least get my money back with being asked why. And who can resist this kind of offer? Not me!


The second thing which impressed me the most also happens to be one of the reasons why I decided to give this a try, will have to be that the plan does not guarantee something unachievable like loss of 40 pounds or 8 pack abs in 21 days. I found out that this plan is basically an outline made for normal people like me and you that can be followed to lose an achievable 12 to 23 pounds from areas like butt, belly, hips and waist. Yay!

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What I Learned:

The creator, Brian Flatt is a personal trainer, sports nutritionist and also a health coach. He studied in San Diego State University to receive a degree in Biology. From the early 90s Mr. Flatt has been into fitness and he happens to be the owner of REV Fitness which is situated in Southern California.

I only mention this because I feel that it is important to have real credibility if you are writing any type of exercise or diet guide.

What I Received After Purchase

When I purchased, I instantly downloaded the four PDF manuals. Now, I want to mention something. I don’t know about you but I am sure that most of you are like me. When I buy something online I can not wait for it to get delivered. Thus, I went for the “instant download” option, which gave me an access to all the four manuals, yes you guessed it, instantly.

After downloading I began reading them on my Tablet. This really helped me as I was able to immediately start understanding the system to get focused on losing 20 pounds! So, now let’s get back to the 4 manuals I received.

1st manual: Introduction Manual

At first, I thought it was just an introduction to the diet but when I started to read it I found out that it was basically a scientific explanation how people like us lose or gain weight. It was an eye opener for sure. I learned a lot and it was every easy to understand.

The more I read this manual, the more I found out why my extra pound was so hard to lose till now. Besides this, I also learned what is crucial to make sure that my body fat is targeted properly so that I can get rid of it finally for good.

I also learned that I needed to have some supplements while on this weight loss program. I was not at all skeptical about this part as the manual vividly explained why I need to have them and how they will help me to increase my metabolism which will ultimately aid in weight loss.

2nd manual: Diet Manual

This second manual is the manual where I learned how to customize the 3 week meal plan. This manual taught me how to calculate my lean body mass versus my fat percentage. You can learn more about Body Mass Index at Wikipedia. With help of this calculation method, I was able to make a diet plan that is best for MY body and in this way I used the plan to lose 20 pounds.

With the outline I chalked out with the instruction of this manual, I knew exactly what I should be eating and also how much of it I should be eating. Besides this, I even knew when I should be eating and believe me this will make a huge difference for you as well!

By reading this manual I got complete information of all the foods that aids weight gain and also those that helps in burning of the undesired fat. This manual is even helping me right now. With the information given in it, I am able to maintain my weight and without even gaining an extra pound I am enjoying my favorite junk foods almost daily! True confession…I am an Oriole junkie! So, I also was looking for a 3 week detox diet as well!

3rd manual: Workout Manual

Okay! It’s embarrassing but I guess I can tell you. I was so disappointed when I saw this manual. I absolutely hate workouts and besides I seriously do not have the time for it. But, when I start reading it, I was happy to know that I do not need to follow it for the diet plan to work.

As I read on, I found out that if I follow the workout plan in this 3rd manual I can lose double the weight. I saw that it’s only a 20 minute daily workout routine and I need to follow it only for 3 or 4 days each week. I read somewhere that you do not need to work out for hours to lose weight, you just need to do the right exercise correctly, so I gave it a try and I recommend that you follow it for better result. This was a huge eye-opener for me!

I want to add that this manual has a “Midsection Miracle Workout” which is two exercises to get abs. I personally do not like abs on women so I avoided it but if you like it then you always have this option. Guys….you will love this section however and YES, I do like abs on guys!

All the exercises mentioned in this manual can be done at home so no need for an expensive gym membership. But for those who have an access to a gym, there are also some effective exercises that can be done in a gym.

4th manual: Mindset & Motivation Manual 

Probably the reason why I struggled with my weight all these years will have to be the fact that I always lost my motivation and ended up going back to square one. With this 4th and last manual I learned how to stay focused and motivated not only for the 3 weeks but for the last 10 months as well.

With all the tools, tips and tricks for a positive mindset, I feel rejuvenated and now I believe that I can keep myself motivated to lose more pounds.



Some other benefits that I noticed…

I was very happy to see that I was losing weight in a healthy way. But during that period and also after my weight loss, I noticed some other positive changes that came after I started my Diet Plan.

  • My dress size dropped 2 sizes and waistline dropped 2 inches. I started to notice that my clothes were loose on me and so when I went to shop for new ones I was happily surprised.
  • Besides this, even my cellulite decreased.
  • Did I mention that I feel more energetic now?
  • I do not suffer from breakout any more as now I enjoy a healthier skin and also healthier hair.
  • My metabolism also increased which is helping me to maintain my weight.
  • And besides increased muscle tone, I am also enjoying many other healthy benefits all thanks to the 3 week Diet plan.

Some Pros ….

  • A complete package – You must have noticed that the 3 Week Diet is not just a diet plan. It is basically a program which takes into consideration all the different factors that is needed for an effective weight loss. This means; with this program, I learnt the right dieting trick, some effective exercise and also how to have the right mindset and keep me motivated all the way. This program helped me to start eating healthy and be positive and active. So, with this program I was able to rethink about my lifestyle and change it to be better and healthier.
  • Easy to Understand – As the whole concept, instruction and information are in a written form I was nervous about it. I was thinking if I did not understand a part of it then how am I supposed to follow it precisely so that I can effectively lose weight? So, I was happy to find out the every manual are written with such easy language that even a novice like me could understand it perfectly. Basically, you will see that everything is broken down into simple section so that no one has to struggle to understand what should be their next step.
  • No risk whatsoever – As this diet plan does not recommend any absurd dieting plan which suggests limiting foods or intake of supplements or capsule filled with who knows what, so there is no such risk with this plan compared to the magic pills or miracle diets offered widely.
  • Value for money – To make sure that the user of this diet plan gets the maximum benefit Mr. Flatt have kept the price quite low. I noticed that the price is so low that even a gym membership would cost more. And as it helps to make a person truly lose the extra pound and you will be able to use all the tricks for the rest of your life so, it is safe to say that purchasing this program will be a good investment for your body and mind.

Some Cons of this Diet System

So, is this Diet plan is the perfect plan? Well, the answer to this question is actually, No! Every diet plan has its pros and cons even if it is effective and affordable. From the top of my head, I realized that I had to spend a bit extra to buy the supplements needed to make this diet effective.

But, having said that, it is safe to say that compared to the result I received and all other benefits, this con can be overlooked.

Who Is This Diet Plan For?

I really like the fact that anyone can try this diet. You both my boyfriend and I are vegans so you can guess that how difficult it is for me to maintain a specific diet. But the 3 week Diet suits anyone, that is, non-vegetarians, vegetarians and also Vegans can try this Diet. Besides this, it should be mention that person of any age, ethnicity and body type can benefit from this program.

My Final Verdict 

The product does come with a seal of approval saying “Doctor Trusted”. I followed all the instruction of the 3 Week Diet Plan to lose 20 pounds. So, I am not sure what will be the result if you slack off. But I can at least tell you that if you follow the outline given properly then you will be able to lose about 12-23 pounds.

I can say that I am the proof of the pudding but before purchasing the plan I was looking for proof that it will work or not. As I said before that the 60 days money back guarantee gave me a peace of mind but I also like to mention that all the different testimonials also convinced me that the plan would work for me, and it did!

Just like I took a chance and saw results, I would also recommended that you to give it a try. What have you got to lose? If you lose weight, then good for you and if not then you can always get your money back!

Here’s to your success!!

If you want the same 3 Week Diet I use, you can get it here or use the link below to get instant access.



PS….My boyfriend got excited about the Diet Plan as well. Below is a video he made about the contents.