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fat loss bannerMy 4 Day Fat Loss Review looks at the author, James Gaida, and his 4 Day Fat Loss Program. The title is a bit misleading as the diet program is really not intended to be just a 4 day weight loss program. The 4 days refers to “kick starting” your diet program with some immediate success and then following the advice and guidelines to experience successful weight loss over the next 28 days and then learning how to keep it off for life. According to the the author, his diet philosophy is based upon two points:

  • Rapid Fat Loss – Fast results help with motivation. Getting rid of of as much fat as possible quickly is encouraging.
  • Realistic Life Style Approach – Maintain your progress after your rapid fat loss with as little pain as possible.

Gaida says that this is how he lives his life and uses the rapid fat loss phase when he needs it. However most of the year he lives a lean lifestyle without feeling deprived and in complete control of his body. He further goes on to say that he has discovered the “Insider Secret” of how to live a lean lifestyle and will share it in his program guide.

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James Gaida PN1, CFT, SPN

Who is James Gaida and why did he write the 4 Day FatLoss Guide? James refers to himself as a Nutrition & Fitness Coach and Fat Loss Expert. His motivation to lose weight came after a vacation and looking at his vacation pictures of himself once back home. His shirts that once fit loosely now hugged his body. When he got on a scale he was horrified that he had gained 25 additional pounds from his usual comfort level weight. This was a turning point for him to use his 10 years of experience to learn how to get rid of his additional baggage and keep his weight in check forever. According to James, his program worked so well that he dropped the 25 pounds in just 6 weeks. Since it worked for him, he decided to share it with others. His fat loss program was developed as a result of relentless research and learning more about nutrition that our body needs. He also states that after going through the rapid fat loss phase “you can eat all the comfort foods you love including hamburgers, ice cream pizza and deserts”. What do you get when you buy the program? 4 day fat loss reviewYou get the 4 Day Fat Loss Program Manual which contains everything the insiders know about fat loss and contains the strategy to manipulate your hormones to accelerate fat burning. The program also includes 5 bonus guides:

  • Goal Setting Manual
  • Tips and Tricks Manual
  • 4 Day Fat Loss Super Charger
  • 4 Day Fat Loss Success Tracker
  • 4 Day Fat Loss Quick Start Guide

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Angela’s 4 Day Fat Loss Review and Ratings

What I like about this program:

  • The guide teaches how to get the Growth Hormone, Leptin, Cortisol and Insulin working for you
  • It covers the newest findings regarding using coconut oil for cooking and its benefits
  • The 5 bonus guides are a real plus
  • Teaches you about the “science of weight loss”
  • Testimonials from real people
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

What I don’t like about this program:

  • I could not find negative issues

I have to be honest (as I always am!) when I completed my 4 Day Fat Loss Review, I could not find anything that I did not like. The guides are well written and very helpful. The quick start does take some effort but then again it is worth it. I did not see anything that was a red flag and the entire program is covered by a 60 day guarantee!

After a detailed 4 Day Fat Loss review, I give the 4 Day Fat Loss Program 5 out of 5 Stars!

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