BodyLove Diet Review – Body Love Juicy Shizz Details

BodyLove Diet Review by Angela

Whether you call it the Body Love Diet or the BodyLove Diet, according to the authors, Ingrid Arna, and Marc David, the diet is a ground-breaking program and is dedicated to sassy, sensual and sublime living. The life of guilt, sacrifice and struggle are over with strategies designed to provide a solution for every woman who wants to not only lose weight but keep it off for good!

They say it goes far beyond transformation of your body. With this plan, members have not only lost weight but have attracted new business partners, saved their marriage, increased their income, received promotions, and found new romantic opportunities.

These are pretty bold statements and as you know I am always a skeptic to claims of this nature. So lets take a look in more detail with my BodyLove Diet Review.

Below are the promises made by using the BodyLove Diet:

  • You will learn how to eat for pleasure and get slender, sassy, happy and youthful
  • You will discover the correct foods to eat for your body and how eating the wrong foods will work against your weight loss
  • How to beat the biggest weight loss enemy and increase your efforts
  • How constant exercise is not necessary to shape your body the way you desire
  • How storing fat occurs and never needing to deprive yourself of food
  • How to connect with the higher wisdom and form a connection deep with your inner spirit
  • How to satisfy your soul by eating the right foods
  • How to make the changes now to get the results you want

 Who are The BodyLove Diet Authors?

According to their bio:”Marc David is an über renowned nutritionist, best-selling author, and founder of the groundbreaking school The Psychology of Eating. He’s been featured on TV and in heaps of magazines including the following outlets:”

“And I’m Ingrid Arna, (also known as Ms. BodyLove), super coach and holistic health activist, and founder of theBodyLove Diet. I’ve been featured in”

“I get turned on by helping women turn up the volume on their inner Queen so they can rock their destiny and make juicy shizz happen.”

“Marc David and I have fused together the extraordinary super stylin’ BodyLove healing philosophy with Marc’sPsychology of Eating brilliance to create the most revolutionary program for a healthy body and life.”

Angela’s Note: I did two searches for references to the authors on two of the magazines listed above and found nothing written or featured by either author. Please keep in mind that I only did a spot check and they may have been featured in the print version only.

Angela BodyLove Diet Review Conclusion Rating:

Looking at my BodyLove Diet findings, I was very impressed with the combined efforts of both Marc David and Ingrid Arna. The combination of exercise, finding the right foods to eat for your body, the community of other BodyLove Diet participants, and the focus on inner health as well as outer appearance makes this a winning combination in my view! Combined with a full 60 day Money Back Guarantee makes this a No Brainer for me! I really like the materials, they way their are easy to follow and the approach of the authors. The videos are excellent and the “classroom” style guides keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

Angela Ratings: 5 out of 5 Stars!! Buy this guide NOW – it may be just what you have been looking for to change your life!!