Cold Sore Free Forever Review – Does it work?

My Cold Sore Free Forever Review looks at a program written by Derek Shepton which promises to eliminate cold sores for life. This could be good news for millions of cold sore sufferers and would eliminate the pain, discomfort and embarrassment for those of us who have cold sores pop-up unexpectedly. The website is located at

The program is designed around the use of natural cures rather than using commercial treatments some of which are known to contain dangerous chemicals.

The guide is designed to be straight to the point and builds its success around safe natural alternative treatments which can eliminate cold sores in just a couple of days.

Also included is a look at potential foods which cause cold sores to appear as well as tips to increase your immune system to better fight off cold sores and stop new ones for forming.

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Cold Sore Free Forever Review

Buying the Cold Sore Free Forever program is easy enough to do. It is only available online as a digital download which is compatible with both PC and MAC computers as well as iPad and other book devices.

When you visit the official website you will be confronted with a rather long sales letter explaining the pros of the product, customer testimonials, and a detailed overview as to what you will get when you purchase the program.

From the bottom of that page you can click ‘Add To Cart’ where you will be taken to a different page that allows you to enter your purchase information. The cost of the program is $37.00 and comes with several bonus guides as well. They take all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. After payment, the download is immediate.

How Does The Program Work

The Cold Sore Free Forever guide goes into clear detail about the causes of cold sores and looks at the main 4 causes as to why a cold sore appears. It also provides a way to identify early detection of cold sores and how to take fast action to minimize them.

The guide also lists the top 10 cold sore treatments (view website) that you can do right in your home. The guide even covers dietary changes to improve your immunity as well as how to keep family members safe from infection.

Overall the goal of the program is to get a plan in place for you to provide immunity build up, early detection and immediate treatment to eliminate any cold sore problem quickly.

Cold Sore User Experience

Customer testimonials are clear that when using the natural treatments outlined in the guide, users have either eliminated their cold sores completely or substantially reduced the time to get rid of a cold sore down to a couple of days.

Key Observations


  • Designed around natural and safe home cures
  • Reduces infection time down to 1 to 2 days
  • Can eliminate future cold sores
  • Covers nutrition and diet suggestions
  • Iron Clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 7 Free Bonus guides


  • The only thing we could find is in the ad copy which states that over “1000 people” have been helped yet there are only 4 testimonials listed on the sales page. Although this is somewhat normal we would like to see more testimonials from real uses given the total number who have purchased the product.

NOTE: There is a 60 day Money Back Guarantee if the product does not work for you for whatever reason. The refund is handled by Clickbank, one of the most reliable companies in the industry so you can be assured that if you want a refund it will be processed and credited back to you immediately.

Cold Sore Free Forever Review and Conclusion

After  completing my review and given the fact that Cold Sores are painful and unsightly, we believe that Cold Sore Free Forever offers a program based on well documented natural treatments and will help you rid yourself of cold sores quickly and possibly forever.

We believe that the total package provides you a detailed roadmap and guide to live your life without the embarrassment and pain associated with cold sores.  The comprehensive information and natural cures are a refreshing change to alternative cures. The 6 bonus guides are a real plus and the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee is iron clad.

We give this product 4.5 out of 5. 

View more detail at Cold Sore Free Forever Website or use the Buy It Here button below.

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