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My Diet Challenged Program Review is really not about a diet at all! The review is about a program teaching you to shift your mindset about dieting and providing you the basics to help you become successful with any diet that you choose. This program is a lot like building a house. You start with a firm foundation, regardless of the design. Without a solid foundation everything else may fail.

It is no secret that most diets fail not because the diet is not effective, but because our expectation and mindset is wrong from the very beginning. Do you really need this program? Let’a take a look at my Diet Challenged Program review in more detail. You can also visit the official homepage at the Diet Challenged Website.

So what does the author promise about this program?

cris sorel co author
Cris Sorel & Carey

According to the co-author, Cris Sorel, wants to “reveal the simple truth why (the diet challenged program) is the solution to dieting”. She goes on to say that before you realize it, a major mind shift occurs and your thinking is transformed away from a repeat dieter to one that begins living a natural lifestyle effortlessly.

She also states that most diets, although they may be right for you and you lose weight, eventually fail due to faulty thinking about deep seated emotions about dieting and weight loss. Getting your head in the game is as important as selecting the best diet plan for your weight loss goals. According to Cris Sorel and Dr. Mooney (a contributor to the program) they want you to begin your weight loss diet exhilarated, full of confidence and hopeful instead of feeling defeated, sad and loathing.

What Do You Get With The Diet Challenged Program?

  • 108 page E-book called “Diet Challenged”
  • 21 Day Journal for Weight Management and Stress
  • Motivational 21 Day Journal prompting you to Take Action Today
  • Keep your head in the game coaching videos – 14 lessons
  • A seven day warm up dieting plan to kickstart your program
  • Email newsletter
  • Four downloadable ebooks and a cartoon video 

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Angela’s Diet Challenged Program Review and Rating

When I started reading through the main PDF guide I was impressed with the straight forward approach and simplicity of the information. This is a guide for everyone who has started with a successful diet plan but let your doubts and desires sabotage your success.

When Dr. Mooney talks about getting your “head in the game”, I really started understanding the importance of getting the right mind set in place before you begin any diet program. I really like the videos and the motivational journals. The Diet Challenged Program actually surprised me with a fresh approach to getting your mind in order before you start getting your body in order.

Because this program works with ANY diet, I completely support the concept and the value of the information included. If you are looking for a good “foundation” to start a diet or weight loss program and you have not had success in the past, you may want to start from the ground up and pick up this program now.

 After my complete Diet Challenged Program Review, I give The Diet Challenged Program 4 out of 5 stars!

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