Forex Signals Club Review

The Forex Signals Club is a Forex Trading membership program which promises trade recommendations generated by experienced human traders rather than by algorithmic computer programs.

The Forex Signals Club team specializes in Forex professional trading. It consists of 6 people – 4 professional traders and 2 support staff. According to the company information, each professional trader has an average of more than eight years of trading experience.

I am always skeptical of the latest and greatest Forex Trading System, especially membership programs, but before I discount it completely, lets take a deeper look at the facts of this program as well as the membership details.

Their website is located at:





Purchasing The Forex Signals Club Membership Program

You can purchase a Forex Signals Club membership by visiting the official website at and clicking on the “Diamond Membership” link. After that you will be able to taken to a sign up page where you will pay $87.  You can cancel your membership at any time and you can try the program for a full 60 days with 100% money back guarantee should it not work for you.

How Does The Forex Signals Club Membership Work?

According to the company history, the project initially started in 2006 when 2 traders met at an international convention, shared ideas and decided to start a private trading company. Time passed, the new trading company started to make profits for itself and they decided to share their service with a wider public. In 2009, 2 more traders joined the team to help cover all the trading options and sessions.

Short term, midterm and long term Forex signals are delivered 5 days a week in real time to their members. Entry Price, Take Price and Stop Loss levels are communicated in real time with accurate instructions. As a subscriber, they promise that you will be kept up to date with the most recent data about the Forex market, and receive market news and an economic calendar of market releases including their previous, forecasted and current values.

Forex signals are communicated directly by email as well as through the private members area. An explanation of the signals will usually accompany the signal notifications and allow you to better understand the reason behind the Entry Price, Take Profit and Stop loss recommendations.

You can read more about the team of traders and their risk approach here.


Forex Signals Club Pros and Cons:



  • Human analysis
  • Free demo account to learn trading process
  • Real time trading recommendations
  • Short, Midterm and Stop Loss advice
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Signals delivered 24/5
  • Private Members area
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Must act quickly on recommendations as the Forex Market is volatile
  • Experienced traders may want to follow their own instincts
  • Initial investment of $50 to $100 to begin trading

Angela’s Conclusion and Rating…

This is one of the best Forex Programs on the market today with a proven track record and human trade recommendations making it a winner in my book!

I have to admit however, that in general I am not a fan of ongoing membership programs as in this case you will need to earn profits every month in order to pay for the membership dues. However, having said that, the fact that you will receive daily recommendations as a member substantially increases your opportunity for success. I think in this case a membership progam will actually pay for itself many times over.

What I also really like is the free demo account to beging practicing before you use real funds. In addition, their is a low start up cost $50 to $100 once you are ready to actually start placing orders. With real experienced human traders and real time information, this program provides you the very best opportunity to profit in the Forex Trading arena. Most important of all, you are given an iron clad 60 day money back guarantee making this a great investment opportunity.

I give Forex Signals Club 5 out of 5 Angela Stars


You can purchase the program at The Forex Signals Club.


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