Green Coffee Bean Extract – Dr. Oz Show

green coffee bean extractA friend recently asked me if I had heard of green coffee bean extract. Apparently Doctor Oz recently did a feature story its weight loss and health benefits. I did not see the show but became interested in the product. The Dr. Oz video is below.

Since I like to investigate new products and trends, I decided to learn more about green coffee bean extract to see what all the buzz was about. Here is what I learned.

Coffee and Weight Loss – Green Coffee Extract

Once coffee is roasted and treated, it loses its health benefits and nutrients due to the high degree of heat (400 degrees) used in the process. Conversely, freshly picked Green coffee beans retain their aroma and maintain all their valuable nutrients in addition to their higher antioxidant qualities. With much lower temperatures in the 70 degree centigrade range, extracting the green coffee powder takes about two hours to complete.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Ingredients

Green Coffee-Bean Extract is rich in Polyphenols, especially chlorogenic acids. Chlorogenic acid not only has anti-inflammatory benefits but also acts as a great antioxidant. The Arabica plant is the main source for green coffee beans. The Arabica plant has a higher content of caffeic and chlorogenic acids. Both these acids have exceptional antioxidant benefits. More good news! Cafestrol, which can increase bad LDL cholesterol is not present in in the extract.
Green Coffee-Bean Extract Research

Several reports and studies indicate that green coffee bean extract in a natural and healthy way can help people lose weight effectively. The main stimulate to losing weight is the chlorogenic acid extracted from the green coffee beans. In technical terms, an enzyme know as glucose 6 phosphatase which is responsible for the liver forming sugar, is curbed by ingesting chlorogenic acid found in the green coffee bean extract. Due to the reduced glucose release, diabetes is also reduced. Controlling blood sugar levels and significant weight loss improvement has been proven by numerous researchers around the world by people taking green bean coffee extract.

Individuals have also reported additional benefits including increased stamina and energy levels as well as a regulated metabolism. Another report shows reduced blood pressure and improved blood circulation.

Can I lose Weight?

Research has proven that the two major chemicals, Caffeine and Chlorogenic acid can work together in overall weight loss. Chlorogenic acid stimulates liver processing from the release of fatty acids from the caffeine. Weight loss is high when both compounds are working in unison. An additional benefit results from the elimination of hunger pangs and appetite suppression. You also may want to add an exercise program like this one to strengthen muscles.

What Are The Side Effects?

No negative side effects have been reported and appear to be completely safe. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women are advised not to consume the product however. Some reports also indicate that there may be a loss of magnesium, iron and zinc if you regularly drink coffee or tea in addition to use of the supplements. Simply use a good multivitamin to offset the mineral loss.

What Is The Best Source For Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Pill form is usually the best and most convenient to take. However you must make certain that it is an all-natural product and there is a minimum of 50% chlorogenic acid with no fillers of any kind.

Where Can I Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

You can find hundreds of products by doing a Google search but be careful! Some products are made overseas and do not carry the same health guidelines as we have in the United States. Also as I mentioned earlier, the product should be 100% natural and contain a minimum of 50% chlorogenic acid. We have found that Green Coffee Bean Max is one of the top brands on the market. They also feature a Weight Management Club which I really found useful.

Green coffee bean extract has been proven safe and scientifically linked to weight loss and other health benefits. There is no harm in giving it a try and benefiting from the amazing results report by thousands of users worldwide.

Get Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract HERE!


Get Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract HERE!

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