How To Fade Tattoos Review – Does It Really Work?

How To Fade Tattoos is a program which promises to remove tattoos naturally by creating a formula made up of ingredients that are inexpensive, easy to acquire and as easy to apply as any lotion.

According to the sales copy, once this formula is applied, your body will start to break down these inks and continue to naturally remove them until they are totally out of your system.

It certainly seems possible that there are natural products which break down the tattoo ink but being a bit skeptical I want to dig deeper into the claims.

The website is located at:

how to fade tattoos

Purchasing How To Fade Tattoos

Buying the How To Fade Tattoos program is easy enough to do. It is only available online as a digital download which is compatible with both PC and MAC computers as well as iPad and other book devices.

When you visit the official website you will be confronted with a rather long sales letter explaining the pros of the product, customer testimonials, and a detailed overview as to what you will get when you purchase Cold Sore Free For Life.

From the bottom of that page you can click ‘Add To Cart’ where you will be taken to a different page that allows you to enter your purchase information. The cost of the program is $27.00 and comes with several bonus guides as well. They take all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. After payment, the download is immediate.


How Does How To Fade Tattoos Work


How To Fade Tattoos claims that by creating a formula from natural ingredients the natural tattoo fading process will penetrate down to the lower skin layer in which the ink pigments that make up the tattoo are located.

The ink will then be exposed to allow the body’s natural defenses to kick into action. Your body will then treat the ink as something foreign and invasive and will form Macrophage Cells.

These cells will then work to remove and flush out the intrusive ink pigments of the tattoo during a gradual process that is safe and natural.

I like the straight forward approach the author provides along with the detailed instructions on how to create and store the formula as well as how and when to apply it. They are also clear that you will not see any testimonials or sample images on the site as they both can be faked.

Key Observations


  • Involves safe and natural ingredients
  • It is inexpensive at around $27
  • It can be done from the comfort of your own home
  • Simple daily routine to follow
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Since the ingredients are not disclosed until you purchase, the total cost is unknown as well as any potential skin reactions as a result of the combined ingredients.

Angela’s Conclusion and Rating…

Given the fact that the product offers a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and could be an alternative to expensive laser surgery, I feel that the only thing you have to lose is the tattoo itself.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly in the work force, or perhaps denied employment. or judged by someone based solely on the appearance of your tattoo, it may be worth a try to use a safe, natural method that claims to effectively remove it.

In ordering How To Fade Tattoos, you will then be able to read over the ingredient list that is not given in the advertisement. You can then determine for yourself how “safe” the ingredients are, and at least give it a try if you find them to be safe. If you get poor results or no results, simply return the guide to get your money back.

I give How To Fade Tattoos 4.5 out of 5 Angela Stars

You can purchase How To Fade Tattoos from the website.

how to fade tattoos








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