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(Personal note: I lost my mother and my sister to Cancer and being able to stop the growth of Cancer and end this disease forever is very important to me. I hope this Just Say No To Cancer review helps your or a loved one avoid the devastating impact of the disease.)

just say no to cancer review book imageCarolyn Hansen asks the same question to all her readers, “So What’s YOUR Cancer Risk Number”? In her book called “Just Say No To Cancer” she points out that Cancer is not picky when it comes to finding a host. In fact it doesn’t even need an unhealthy host to start growing in your body. But it does need an unhealthy host to keep it growing.

Carolyn has a quick 2 minute test to see if your current habits and lifestyle are leading you into a condition of health which will act as a place where cancer can proliferate in your body. She refers to it as the Cancer Risk Quiz: Click here to find out your Cancer Risk Number Take the assessment now! This is NOT the kind of self-assessment that you want to fail!

Just Say No To Cancer Review

There are some things we know about cancer. If we smoke we are going to increase our odds of getting lung cancer. Too much sunlight will increase our risk or getting skin cancer from over exposure. Also genetic luck plays a role in certain cancer development no matter how we try to improve our health to avoid cancer growth.cancer-prevention-factors-overlapped

However, certain lifestyles can increase the chance of getting cancer which are most often overlooked. Carolyn became the most obsessed with the “self inflicted” behaviors which actually increase our risks. These risks are the ones that we have the most control over and will allow us to mitigate the risk of cancer.

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In her book, Carolyn takes a look at the risks factors and helps us understand how we can consciously avoid them as well as things we can start doing now to keep our bodies in a healthy state. For example, we know that extra weight can cause diabetes, coronary artery disease and high blood pressure, but did you know that unwanted fat also greatly increases your chances of cancer finding you in later life.

I was very impressed with the way the information is presented and especially the information in the free Cancer Risk Quiz. If you visited the link above, you will know that the risk scale ranges from zero to 10. Zero indicates a low likelihood of contracting cancer while 10 is most likely. My score unfortunately was quite high and most of my readers scores will average in the range of 5 to 9. This is not surprising given the fact that 66% of us will be faced sometime in our life with a cancer scare.


Angela’s Just Say No To Cancer Review Conclusion and Rating:

It may be because I have lost loved ones to cancer so I am receptive to any way possible to avoid losing more friends or contracting cancer myself. I really like the quality of the information and the solid content of this book. Some of the information is common knowledge however, being reminded in the context of the big picture required me to look at all the things I can do to make myself as healthy as possible to avoid a comfortable home for cancer.

Buy this book now. If not for yourself, for a loved one. If you don’t value the information or you are dissatisfied in any way, Carolyn is offering an iron clad 60 day money back guarantee!

I give Just Say No To Cancer 5 out of 5 Stars!

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